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Concert Report

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Concert Report

Sunday afternoon has been traditionally a time when people remained at home. They usually remained there because almost everything was closed. It is not so today. Sunday afternoons now have possibilities, and one of them is Stayner’s Wharf. We arrived late afternoon, anxious for a bite to eat and to hear some jazz from Jeff Goodspeed’s combo.

Stayner’s Wharf is a large restaurant located on the Halifax Waterfront, right next to the Dartmouth ferry. It is well situated to attract a lot of strollers who are viewing the harbour front along the promenade. Stayner’s offers an outdoor and indoor venue. The majority had chosen to be indoors, to hear the band, or maybe it was stiff cool breeze that drove them inside.

We arrived at 5:30 pm, the place was packed and the band was playing. Finding a booth with a good view of the band, we settled in true maritime tradition, to eat, drink and to be merry. The restaurant cultivates this maritime flavour. Throughout the restaurant there are numerous pictures of sailing ships and Nova Scotian historical figures. Although in the band’s corner they had taken pains to give the dйcor a more New Year’s Eve style with balloons and streamers.

We were seated in a booth, and surrounding us were two families, with one celebrating a birthday. The band and audience gave the a hearty jazzy birthday song. Otherwise the customers enjoying this Sunday outing were in the boomer category. This group seemed to be knowledgeable types when it came to appreciation for solos. Mind you the boomers at the other end of the restaurant near the stand-up bar seemed mostly interested in the Sunday afternoon football on the overhead television.

Jeff Goodspeed’s combo consisted of: himself on saxophone, a female vocalist Lisa, and a keyboard player David Staples, a bass player and a drummer making up the rhythm section. Given the time of day and the venue the band kept everything upbeat. The vocalist was a young woman who did all the talking and of course singing. She started with a jazz classic “Mine At Last”. We at least think that was the title. What I liked best was the solo of the keyboard player and of Mr. Goodspeed. Both players are accomplished musicians and the audience appreciated their efforts. This atmosphere

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