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Concert Review

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Concert Review

The first piece performed was Allegretto in B-flat major, WoO39. The piece lasted 5-minutes. It was performed in triple meter, at an allegretto, or a moderately fast tempo. Allegretto is still not as fast as allegro. The piece had a major harmony, and contained interesting instrument interaction. The main theme of the piece was introduced and maintained by the piano, with the violin and cello providing support. The piano was simple, without any very technical components and basic dynamics, including numerous crescendos and decrescendos. The theme, after being established on the piano, was picked up on by the violin and cello, which each added a unique twist to the theme. Throughout the piece, the piano and violin were distinctly present throughout the theme and variations of it, while the cello was a little more difficult to distinctly hear.

The second piece was Trio in B-flat major, Op. 97, “Archduke.” This piece was much longer in length, lasting around 45 minutes. Unlike the first piece, “Archduke” consisted of four movements. Immediately one can tell that the piano component is much more technical and challenging than the first

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