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Conscious Consience

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Conscious Consience

Executive Summary

"How right could business be?" who would decide this? "Being right" has always been used in subjective terms. Moreover there are individuals who can prove the existence of ethics in the most unethical of business practices. In recent years media around the world have shown a rapid increase in interest in the ethical aspects of the corporate world. We speak with unprecedented fervor about the need to observe corporate ethics in a generation which might be considered as the pinnacle of economic immaturity. The genetic manipulation of animals and plants and the cloning of animals caused heated arguments about the question whether technology can be allowed to intervene in the design of life itself. According to many the patenting of live organisms is fundamentally wrong. Mad cows and plagued pigs have been taken as signs that our bio-industry has lost all sense of moral direction. In the medical sphere, technological progress confronts people with hitherto unknown moral dilemmas: Is abortion defensible in the case of severely handicapped fetuses? Should everything that is technologically possible actually be done? Are we investing too much in spectacular medical high-tech and too little in relatively dull, but nonetheless essential, forms of daycare? And so on. Computers lead to their own moral

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