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Consultant Paper

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Consultant Paper

Consultant Scenario Paper

GEN 480

February 28, 2007


This paper discusses the creation of "Just in Time Consulting" and explains the types of services the firm offers to clients. It also explains the roles/responsibilities of each member of the team, and analyzes which University of Phoenix courses helped in the creation of the consulting firm.

Consultant Scenario Paper

Just In Time Management Consulting firm will handle a variety of issues related to executive and management placement and training. We will begin by performing an organizational analysis for the client. This will help define the organization's culture and allow the firm to identify candidates that would blend into the culture or change the culture as the client defines necessary. Our services will include a candidate testing and interviewing process that is designed based on the client's needs. This testing will include but not be limited to drug, background check, employment check, education check, and skills testing for certain positions. As a part of each client's process the firm will always include rigorous reference checks from both personal and professional sources.

These services will help address issues that many organizations have with the hiring of management and executive staff. First is the amount of work it takes to recruit this type of staff. Just In Time Management firm will perform all activities related to recruiting including networking meetings and social events. Just In Time will also play a role in the negotiating

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