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Continuing Fight for Women'S Rights

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Continuing Fight for Women'S Rights

Men and women are the same, they are both Homo sapiens sapiens. However, one is still seen as being superior to the other. Since early times, women have never been seen as equal to men; they have faced many problems, and still do today. These problems have gotten progressively better over time, but there are still some issues in need of change. Women have earned their right to be seen as equal. They have never stopped fighting for their equality, and have endured much criticism. As a whole, there is much being done by women in terms of equality, and the fighting will not stop until they are equal to their counterparts.

In early times, women faced harsh criticism for many things. If a woman spoke out against a man, it was seen as disrespectful. One of women's sole purpose was to reproduce. A woman was not encouraged by many to go to school. Essentially, a woman had little to no power in the world. A specific area where women were

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