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Corporate Government - Simple Structure

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Corporate Government - Simple Structure


- Corporate-based government structure

o Head of government is essentially the president and board of directors of a corporation, with the president being the owner of the company and the board of directors as a �cabinet’

o One director for each aspect of governing (i.e. a Director of Economy, Director of Judicial System, Director of Legislature, etc.)

o Each Director heads their own department that controls whatever aspect of government they are assigned

o President has final say in any matter of importance, and retains the ability to change any decisions made by the Board of Directors since the president owns all shares of the corporation


- Education

o Falls under the jurisdiction of the Director of Education’s department

o School services from preschool to high school are provided for no charge by the department

o College is also provided, which is required to become promoted into the higher levels of the corporate social structure, but costs money to enroll.

- Disaster Relief

o Falls under the jurisdiction of the Director of Defense’s �Home Front’ Division

o Since virtually all property in the country is corporate-provided and owned, if a natural disaster destroys property, then the HF Division commissions the supplies needed to rebuild from the Department of Economy’s Resource Division and repairs damage

o If death occurs to any employees in the line of duty, then their families receive �Early Retirement’ benefits as compensation on behalf of

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