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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

1Preparation for Assessed Seminar Discussion.

The topic will be Corporate Social Responsibility. You should research this topic and make notes in preparation for the discussion next week.

Some texts and video clips are suggested below but do carry out further research.

1. Global Business Professor Michael Porter "Capitalism is the way much business works in many parts of the world. But it is under siege. Too many companies have lost side of the most basic question: "Is our product good for our customers? Business and society have been pitted against each other for far too long. Companies are trapped in an outdated approach to creating value." The words of an internationally known business thinker, Professor Michael Porter from Harvard Business School. Peter Day takes a close look at his big idea, which may herald the new way forward for capitalism." 25 minute radio programme.

2. Michael Porter

3. Chapter 21 Operations Management by Slack, Chambers and Johnston in particular Case Study ( pages 649/650), Short Case The Gap between perception, reality and intention ( page 642)

4. Chapter 20 Principles of Marketing by Kotler and Armstrong

5. CSR and Labor Issues in a Globalized Economy: Supply Chain Management of MNCs- Presentation- Burberry moving to China

6. Safeguarding corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) in global supply chains: how codes of conduct are managed in buyer-supplier relationships.

7. Child labour and supply chain; profitability or (mis)management

8. Sources M and S A plan Sustainable businesses

9. The Guardian Sustainable supply chains. chain-assessment

10. Guardian Walmart cuts carbon Footprint

11. Nice short article on Sustainable Supply Chain pros and cons

12. Greenwise

13. Youtube. Module 8 Socially Responsible Supply chain management ( 4.3 minutes excellent overview of issues clearly explained.)

14. Corporate social responsibility

15. IBM Study: Corporate Social Responsibility

Placing an added emphasis on corporate social responsibility and ensuring it is at the core of a business' strategy can yield financial benefits, according to a study from IBM. The survey, "Attaining Sustainable Growth Through Corporate Social Responsibility," indicates many companies now view CSR as a growth opportunity

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