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1. Parris is very insecure. His the minister of Sale. His major concerns is his reputation and his money. He cares more about the witchcraft in his house then the welfare of his own daughter.

2. They are the richest people in the village they have the most money and land. They think they are above the rest of the people. They lost seven out of eight babies so they believe there is something superstitious at work, such as witchcraft.

3. Proctor is displeased with the way Parris is running the church. Proctor had an affair with Abigail. He says the did but battles with himself that they didn’t.

4. Goody Putnam thinks that her midwives are witches because all but one of her kids died. Also people are suspicious cause because the girls were dancing in the woods, also because the girls are sick.


6. They said that the devil could take any form such as a cat, dog, bird, frog, etc...

7. Tituba named people so that she wouldn’t be killed. Abigail did so she could be the center of attention. Betty names witches so she could get it off her back.

8. Hale is a very honest person, where the Putnams seem to be very evil in a way.

9. The relationship between John and Elizabeth is very cold and distant.

10. If you confess to being a witch they will feel you are taking one step closer to god and you don’t you would be hanged.

11. Elizabeth is concerned about the other people in jail but at the same time she worries about herself.

12. Abigail might charge him with adultery.

13. Hale wanted to see what type of people they were.

14. He forgot the commandment that he broke.

15. There was a poppet in the Proctor house with a needle stuck in the stomach. Abigail accused Elizabeth’s spirit of sticking a needle in her.

16. Rebecca Nurse was also arrested that night.

17. Toward the end of the act, he seems to care more for his wife and is more willing to die for her.

18. He is the deputy governor. He is strictly black and

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