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Cultural Values and Ethics

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Cultural Values and Ethics

To measure the ability for being a good employee, he must work hard. But are we ethically doing that responsibility? This is always the question I asked to myself since I start working. Working in an office environment, employees would see a lot of ethical behavior between the employees and their supervisors. As an Accounts Payable Specialist, I help out with matching checks and invoices, answering heavy phone calls everyday and reconciling vendor statements. Sometimes the work is tedious but I always keep the purpose in mind. “Month-end is always important, so I need to post all invoices and be accurate with all data entries. But somehow, some people abuse you for being a good employee. One instance I have experienced was when the Lead of Accounts Payable even told me to do his own job. At first, I do not mind, but then time goes by and he is giving load of stuff which he himself is not helping me on my own stuff if he has leisure time.

I believe, helping the Lead in Accounts Payable motivates me to do my best. Which result in a strong work ethics that make me valuable in my job? I earned extra credentials from my boss (CFO) and he finds me motivated in the company.

As ethically committed person, the challenge is to overcome this fact of life and do what is right in spite

of, maybe because of, the failure of others to do so.

According to Joseph Weintraub, a professor at Babson College in Massachusetts, to ensure a winning work of ethic start by developing a clear picture of the worker you want to be. “Hang around people who are positive and think about excellence in what they do.” “Avoid those who cut corners.” Next, do an inventory of performance-on-the-job to see if you are exhibiting the basic behaviors of a strong work ethic:

Always be on time to work.

Offer to stay late when needed.

Coworkers can rely on you anytime.

A good worker always finishes the work that is assigned, but an employee with a superstar work ethic takes the initiative to figure out what else he or she could be doing.

I also notice that if a companies need to fire an employee, they do not give warning or notice to that person. In reality, this is not fair for that employee since he/she is not aware on what is going on, why he or she was kicked-out. Some companies do not always see ethical issues that are likely to trouble employees. They do not seem to recognize that perfectly legal conduct often appears

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