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Decision Making Process Paper

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Decision Making Process Paper


Decision Making Process


Decision Making Process

At the age of seventy my grandmother asked took ill and was afraid to live in her home alone in Georgia. At that time my grandmother had five living children, two lived in Georgia, one in Virginia and the rest lived in Florida. All of the children, whom at the time were working fulltime jobs, with families to support and could not relocate on such short notice to go live with her. That is when her granddaughter Sheila made the not so easy decision to relocate from Miami to live with her in Georgia. Before Sheila can relocate she has a lot of decisions to make about her and her daughters relocation.

First Sheila Identifies and Diagnoses Her Problems with the relocating of her and her daughter. She had lived in Miami, Florida her whole twenty-one years of life and had a two-year old daughter named Tara. Relocating to Georgia was not an easy decision for her to make at such a young age with a young child to care for, and the decision was not as easy as one would think. Problem number one: Who would care for her daughter?

        She was attending college full time and soon as classes ended had to return home to care for her daughter, whom her mother cared for while she was attending classes. Sheila loved the school she was attending and was happy that her mother stepped in to care for her daughter. So that was another big dilemma for her. Problem number two: What would she do about school?

        Next step in her decision making process would be generating alternative solutions. With her two things being her main concerns, Sheila wrote down all the family members she had in Georgia and made a list of the daycare centers in the town where her grandmother lived. She quickly ruled out daycare centers because as she evaluated her alternatives, found it was too expensive.

Sheila called her aunt, who is her aunt by marriage, and asked for her assistance in caring for her daughter. Her aunt was more than happy to accept the responsibility of baby-sitting her niece. Next, Sheila made an appointment with her academics advisor at her college in Florida. Her academics advisor reassured her that she could transfer all of her current credits to whatever college she decided to attend in Georgia.

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