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Deviance and Social Control Case

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Deviance and Social Control Case

Deviance and Social Control – Mini-Project                                                name:

For this investigation, you’ll have to select a current topic that has a strong relation to this chapter and US culture/society.  Many of the available topics are examples in the textbook  (ie capital punishment, certain forms of crime, gun control, legalization of marijuana, assisted suicide, etc.)  For your investigation, you’ll have to do some research, apply our various perspectives to your chosen topic, and share with the class your findings.   Complete this form and attached what is necessary.


Part 1

What is the current status of this topic?  What societal changes or issues have impacted this topic recently?

How does your topic fit with the various theoretical perspectives and their applications?

Theory                                        Application


  Anomie theory of deviance


Cultural Transmission

Social Disorganization Theory

Labeling Theory 

(societal reaction approach)

Social Constructionist Perspective


Differential Justice


What other major chapter connections does your topic relate to?  (Deviance, Crime, Conformity…)

List at least 3 and explain




Part 2

Find 2 articles (must be recent) concerning your research topic and complete the attached Article Review Outline for each.  Be sure to keep track of your sources because they may be needed to be shared with the class.  So make sure they’re good sources!

Title of Article:


Publication Date:

List the author’s thesis and list 3 pieces of evidence given in support.





Apply one or more of the Theoretical Perspectives to the article and make and explain 2 chapter connections.

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