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Dietary and Nutritonal Information

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Dietary and Nutritonal Information

Dietary Analysis Information

Diet is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has become especially important in the past few weeks as I was recently diagnosed with type one diabetes. This means that I have to watch carbohydrate intake and take the correct amount of insulin for it. Therefore watching what I eat and the amounts I consume is imperative.

As I recorded the food I ate and logged it into the YMCA website, I had a few surprises dealing with the amounts of other ingredients in the food I am consuming. Although my calorie intake was under 2,000 per day, I was surprised at the individual amounts of calories that were in each food item. For example, I had no idea how high the calorie content in French dressing actually was. Also, even though the chicken in my salad had fewer carbohydrates, it contained more calories than the breadsticks I ate. Another thing that was surprising was that although my calorie intake for the whole day was about the same, the break down of individual dietary allowances varied. For example the first day my carbohydrate intake was a lot lower than it should

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