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Disc and Ei Report

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Disc and Ei Report

        Over the course of my career in IT I have taken so many tests like DISC and EI and all along the results are more or less the same. But, these tests gave a fresh look at where I stand and how I should continue my career and life going forward.

Report on EI test results:

        The Emotional Intelligence test I took mentioned that the score is above average. I honestly don’t know what it means, but looking at the description they mention that a better than average score on EI tend to be good at interpreting, understanding and acting on emotions. I will have to agree with the description except that I don’t always act on emotions and looks for facts. But, I understand there is always margin of error with these kind of results.
        The EI test results also mentioned that I am quite good at dealing social or emotional conflicts, express feeling and dealing with emotional situations. I will put myself as OK in all those situations. As I said earlier, results are not always 100% accurate, they take the data we provide and give the results in a broader perspective. They also mentioned that irrespective of scores there is always room to improve.

        The results also suggested to learn from the strong points and find ways to continue to develop and apply those skills. I personally feel that it is a correct statement and I should concentrate on my strong points and improve them rather than spending time on my weak points and finding ways to improve those.  

        Few others things I realized from the EI test results are that I should manage my emotions,  look for things that gets me motivated, improve my social skills and beware of the things going around me.

        My team members are cooperative and I will put them in the same category as me. No one I believe will be average or below average. With my personality I should be able to work with them without issues. Our client seems to be cooperative and willing to listen to us and at the same time suggest us on some things that they are looking for. They seems to be easy to work with.

Report on DISC test results:

        DISC results said that my style is S/I. My natural internal style represents the internal motivation that drives me the most and my external style represents that I tend to act or behave. Results also says that I have a blend of Supportive and Inspiring traits but more on the Supportive side. I definitely agree that because, I always try to help others with what I know and I don’t think I ever said that I won’t be able to help them. If I cannot I generally try to get information and give it.

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