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Diversity Training Needs Assessment

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Diversity Training Needs Assessment

Completing a Needs Assessment for Diversity Training

In the 1980s, diversity training mainly consisted of training people to be aware of differences in gender and race in the workplace, and by the 1990s, diversity training was at the forefront of innovative training for business managers, addressing such issues as “age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and religion” (Koonce, 2001, para 45).

According to Dr. Elaine K. Miller of the College of Business at Colorado State University, there is a driving force behind the push to embrace diversity in a business organization:

The changing US demographics, increasing globalization of business and pursuit of effective competition make it imperative for companies to implement programs for diversity training. The ability of organizations to manage a diverse workforce will be a major determinant of their continued survival and success in becoming world class corporations (Miller, 1994, para 1).

When talking about “world class corporations,” one of the most recognizable names in the world is McDonald’s Corporation, which boasts approximately 438,000 employees worldwide (Yahoo! Finance, 2005). “As of March 08, 2005, the company operated approximately 30,000 restaurants in approximately 119 countries” (Yahoo! Finance, 2005). Because of their global presence, there is a demonstrated need for understanding and appreciating diversity in the workforce of McDonald’s restaurants, both in the United States and in overseas locations.

Need for Education vs. Need for Training

When completing a Needs Assessment, the person who has been given responsibility for training must determine what the particular needs are for that organization. Most McDonald’s restaurants operate on a franchise basis, where a local owner is responsible for the direct management and operation of his or her McDonald’s Restaurant franchise. In this paper, we will examine a Needs Assessment for Diversity Training in a typical franchise of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Incidentally, it has been predetermined that this McDonald’s franchise will require a Diversity Training Program, as opposed to education about diversity. For our purposes, “education” is a teaching method which teaches an employee something new, such as a skill. In this context, “education”

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