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Dlsu-Admu Rivalry

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Dlsu-Admu Rivalry

I. Objectives

This research aims to:

• Find out the opinions of DLSU students on the issue of the DLSU-ADMU rivalry

• Find out the cause of the rivalry

• Determine the advantages and the disadvantages of the rivalry

• Find out if the rivalry may be resolved and how it may be resolved

II. Methods Used and Rationale

The chosen method was to conduct an interview around the La Salle campus. 10 random students were chosen to be interviewees. They were inquired about the DLSU - ADMU rivalry. These are the key questions the researchers asked them:

1) As a Lasallian, are you for or against Ateneo? Can you say you are their rival?

2) What can you say about the rivalry between DLSU and ADMU?

3) What do you think is its origin?

4) Is the rivalry necessary? Does it do any good?

5) How are you affected by the rivalry?

6) Should we resolve the rivalry? If yes, how?

The researchers also tried getting other responses through the Internet and online student forums, specifically on the DLSU - AMDU rivalry topic.

The researchers chose this method so we can grasp a better and more detailed view of the opinions of students about the DLSU - ADMU rivalry.

III. Major Findings

Based on the interviews and other responses, the researchers arrived with the following answers to their key questions:

1. What caused the rivalry between Ateneo and La Salle?

"There was no real origin. Things just evolved through the years given that many Ateneans and La Sallites of old came from the same elite circle of friends and relatives... The practice of American Jesuits and Christian Brothers to teach their students to agressively root for their schools through cheers, songs, and attendance in athletic competitions... fanned the flames further. However, the rivalry first manifested itself big time... when a then usptart La Salle basketball team beat the highly-favored Ateneo squad for the NCAA title. La Sallites celebrated by throwing fried chickens (fried eagles) in the streets (at that time, the country wasn't poor and good food was plenty). Ateneans were embittered by that incident which aggravated the already simmering rivalry."

It seems that sport competitions, specifically basketball, ignited the rivalry between the two schools. Soon enough, the question of which school was better was raised.

2) Why was it never resolved?

There are so many factors why the rivalry continues on to this day, but one can sum up all the factors into pride and insecurity.

Both schools boasts of student achievements, level accreditations, best facilities and the like. When one achieves greater in a particular area than the other, the other school tends to defend itself by highlighting their area of expertise. For example, most people assume that Ateneo students are always on top of the resume pile. Because of this assumption, La Sallians claim that they own the companies Ateneans work in. So basically, it's just a cycle of degrading the rival.

In a way, stereotyping or negative impressions has been made for each schools contributing to discrimination and lack of unity between the two schools. Ateneans have been regarded as egotistic, prideful and snobbish. La Sallians, on the other hand, are called unintelligent by many.

Also, the rivalry has been inculturated in the families of the students of both schools. If you think about, would you choose to send you kids to the rival school of your alma mater? So in response, Ateneans tend to send their kids to Ateneo, while La Sallians tend to send their kids to La Salle. Thus the rivalry gets perpetuated.

One interesting factor is the marketing ideas of both schools. They heighten students' school spirits, in turn, heightening the rivalry.

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the rivalry?

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