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Does Long-Distance Relationship Ever Works?

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Does Long-Distance Relationship Ever Works?

Does Long-Distance Relationship ever Works?

A relationship is said to be a connection, as in thought, concerning or regarding something or someone. Therefore a long-distance relationship (LDR) is similar to a normal relationship but differs in terms of geographic location of the couple; such location can range from 100-1000 miles, 100-3000 mile apart etc. Any dating or intimate relationship with so much distance between both parties is no doubt challenging, but that one of the things that comes along with LDRs relationships. Obviously each challenge has either a positive or a negative result. Positives such as increased independence, personal growth, more free time, and increased communication; while some negatives are lack of physical intimacy, expenses, and physical proximity. In a LDR, all the skills must be utilized in order for that kind of relationship to survive. To answer the question above we must first analyze some studies of LDRs, positives & negatives of LDRs, and required skills for LDRs.

LDRs are very diverse and have interested professors, psychologist, and scholars nationwide as a lot of studies and research has been conducted on LDRs both on college student and real life LDR couples. Such cases are a "study conducted at a large southern University; the questionnaires were given

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