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Dreams Come True

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Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

I woke up on a Saturday morning, feeling different. I had a dream, which had made me decide what I had wanted to do with my future. I wanted to be a singer. I had dreamed that I was singing one of my favourite songs. Every one was cheering. From that dream on, I knew I was going to start my career, a singer.

I ran down stairs for breakfast, “You’re in a good mood after last night!” My mum said as I rushed in. Last night, I had been worrying and worrying, because I didn’t know what to do at the end of my A-levels, I was bad at Maths, English, Science, Latin, History, Geography, and the list went on. I was mainly worried because all my friends at school knew exactly what they wanted to do it was doctor, teacher, or even a waitress. At least my friends knew what they wanted to do and that was the main thing I was worrying about last night. I was surprised I actually dreamt, I was worrying all night, I was surprised I got some sleep! I told my mum every thing starting with my career. She was happy for me and I told her to book me some singing lessons at a hip-hop studio. This meant I could do pop and hip-hop. All my friends and singing teachers in the past who I have performed to have said I have a good voice, so now I shall show them what I can really do!

I walked into the studio. There was ripped wallpaper, alcohol smearing on the wall and people staring straight into my eyes, as if I was a ghost. I walked, confidently up to the girl, standing at the desk. She was on the phone to someone and she didn’t notice that I was waiting for some help.

“What can I do for you,” said the girl, casually.

“Well, Im not too sure what room Im in, but I have a singing lesson booked for now in studio 5, where is it?” I replied.

“Up the stairs and to the right, you’ll find it,” She said looking at me up and down. I didn’t care though. I found the room at last. I opened the creaky, old door. It led into a large studio. Tiled with plastic, imitation wood and the walls were covered with dominating mirrors. The only object in the room was a large piano in the middle of the room and my teacher was leaning on it and writing in his black diary. “Hi, Im Natalie, you are…?” he said this as I walked over to him with my bag in one hand and my music in another.

“Hi Natalie, Im called Mr. Raymond, but you can call me Matt,” He smiled at me and then shaked hands with me.

The lesson went very well and as I walked home through the busy streets, I remembered Matt saying how good my singing was amazing and that there was an audition for going to drama school and that if I really wanted to make a start with my career, it was the right thing to do.

Time moved on, I met new people and I was going further by the minute in my new career. I was only seventeen although I felt I was in my twenties. Chloe was my best friend. We did everything together, told each other our secrets, and did everything with each other. She was like my sister. Chloe was a brilliant singer as well. She and I had promised that we would both become famous together, and that we would go to drama school together as well.

It was near to the end of the summer term and Chloe and I had got into Highfield Drama School, after we received a record deal from Matt. It was the night before the last day of our secondary school. It was where we had grown up, we were going to miss all our friends and there would be so much competition in Highfield. Every one of our friends had begged us to have a house party at Chole’s house, to celebrate us having offered a record deal. Her parents were in Italy at the time and she didn’t think anything could possibly go wrong, so she decided to take everyone’s advice and go ahead with it.

The party was going so well until I went to get Chloe, to see how she was going with the drinks. Chloe told me that she was getting really stressed and she couldn’t take it any more. I told her that it was going to be ok. She picked up some water that was standing on the side table. Chloe said she was better, so I took her down stairs again. Chloe suddenly fell down, I didn’t know what was happening, I shouted, “Help! Help! Please someone, Chloe has just fainted!” I was crying and crying, I thought this was the end, I could believe it, I didn’t know whether this was a dream. I rang the ambulance, every one crowded round, I told them to go away. I was so scared. My tears were uncontrollable.

Soon the ambulance came, I screamed, “Chloe, don’t go, please,” That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in hospital. I saw Chloe on the drip. I screamed at the doctor and said, “ What the hell is happening, please tell me, Im so scared.” My heart was beating louder

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