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Educational System Problem

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Educational System Problem


While the country prides itself with a relatively high literacy rate that reaches up to 95 percent, there has been a perception that the quality of education, particularly at the primary and secondary levels in public schools, is deteriorating. While this is a matter that is difficult to gauge or measure, the impression the product of the Philippine educational system today is not as competitive as they were a generation ago. The reasons advanced for this state of affairs are many. Foremost among them is the limited budget assigned to education which has resulted in unrest among public school teachers who have constantly complained against low salaries. Striking public school teachers have become a prominent issue in the Philippines during the last two or three years. In fact, many teachers have resigned to accept jobs abroad as domestic helpers. This problem is further complicated by the lack of school buildings and other facilities which results in congestion in classrooms. An ordinary class for example in the primary and secondary levels in Philippine public schools may have anywhere from 60 to 70 students as compared to 30 to 40 a decade ago.


The government should provide the highest national budget into Education and allocate the resources into several important areas.

1. Learning materials/source.

•Book. One book, one student policy must be observed. Have proper evaluation of book contents before letting it hand by the students and make sure that books are contain of latest and updated information.

•?Magazines. Let the student familiarized

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