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Effective Communication Case Study Analysis

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Effective Communication Case Study Analysis

Effective Communication Case Study Analysis

Effective communication between an organization and its publics is very important aspect that an organization needs to succeed with the help of its publics. Communication starts the very instant an organization is started or initiated from the beginning. This paper will discuss the effectiveness of the communication between organization and its intended publics in the Katrina Calamity Case by identifying the different publics in the case study, identifying the different PR communication tools and techniques that were used to inform, influence, and motivate the public(s) in the case, and If this crisis were to occur today, how would new technologies, such as the Internet, affect this case? Because of the recent globalization of markets, would the outcome of this case be different if the events occurred today. "Effective communication is the key to get you to where you want to be in your life. Communication is an essential skill for successful business and personal relationships" (Effective Communication Skills (2011), we can use communication to influence every interaction in a positive way, by developing the skills needed to communicate effectively. The ability to connect and build rapport with other people is a foundation life skill, and should ideally, be actively developed from an early age. It is a learned skill, and can be learned and used at any age (Effective Communication Skills (2011).

Identification of Publics

As stated in the case study, government officials were not fully aware of how serious the crisis situation at New Orleans was because of lack of communication due to the lack of crisis preparedness at the local level. The publics identified in this case study are the newspaper, the use of internet such as, The New Orleans Times-Picayune published online editions as reporters worked from remote locations to produce content for the web for viewers across the nations to be aware of the crisis at hand, blogs were used to post messages to locate people and pets, request assistance, relay whereabouts, or vent about the lack of help and disorganized responses. Government assistance such as United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta Mobilizes City Response, and news media to inform:

Neighbors Helping Neighbors identified five priority actions for resettling hurricane victims and set goals for:

• Housing—helping 1,500 households find permanent housing.

• Employment—providing resources for 4,000 evacuees to find work.

• Food/immediate needs—$500,000 to Atlanta Food Bank; quality care to 500 children and 900 youth; support for 700 older adults and those with disabilities.

• Community education—training 500 advocates how to assist evacuees; finding host families for 500 more evacuees.

• 211 Call Center—adding resources to UWMA's hotline for finding housing and job opportunities in the city to handle 600 to 800 more calls per day, double what it was used to handling.

The external publics are the rest of the nation not affected by the Katrina crises who are not informed instantly about the crisis in New Orleans. The internal publics include the media, internet, government officials, and Newspaper who after realizing the lack of preparedness from the local level decides to steps in providing assistance those individuals in desperate need of assistance during the Katrina crisis.

PR Communication Tools and Technique

The PR communication tools and techniques used in the Katrina Calamity case study are listed as follows: The use of the media to inform consumers about the crisis situation at hand, Local News Paper, the internet, blogs, and web broad cast were the communications and techniques used to communicate the Katrina crisis to the public. The benefits of using the internet as a means of communication was a very brilliant technique used to relay information to the publics as many individuals within the nation were up to date with the use of the internet as a method of communicating. Newspapers were circulated across the nation for individuals who did not have access to internet. The media from my perspective was also used as a form of technology tool to communicate the crisis and offer assistance to the publics.

Dealing with the Crisis if it were to occur today

If the crisis were to occur today, the internet will play an important

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