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Effects of Music

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Effects of Music

Effects of Music

Exposure to music can have numerous beneficial effects. Several studies have proven that by listening to classical music, numerous different aspects of life improve. Although music is known to enhance temperament and relieve stress in individuals, it is also able to alter the course of medical conditions, develop better physical coordination and improve memory, therefore increasing test scores.

Listening to classical music while taking a test can lead to better grades and memory. In Frances Rausheretal proved that by listening to just ten minutes of Mozart’s “Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major” increased test scores by forty-eight percent on a paper-folding task. Although the improved intelligence only lasted ten minutes, students still benefit. Mozart’s music has also been found helpful to children with ADD, who frequently forget information. The children with ADD who participated in the study experienced improved test grades in school after listening to music composed by Mozart. Seventy percent of these participants maintained that improvement six months later with no further training. In addition to the previously stated studies examining the “Mozart Effect” on people, researchers from the University of California discovered that listening to music can result in higher brain function and therefore increased memory. Although the human mind is capable of storing two raised to the fifty billionth power bits on information, most people do not have full access to their own memory. However, listening to music while studying can assist people to remember more facts and recall an increased amount of information. In addition to improving memory and grades, music can also help people with conditions and diseases.

After listening to music, people with disease found that their condition improved. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center found that after playing music for ten to thirty minutes, underweight or premature babies’ metabolism decreased by thirteen percent. This discovery can lead to the stoppage of many deaths in babies. Listening to music can also help certain diseases. People who suffer from insomnia can get a better night sleep

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