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Ramadan was the month when the Qur’an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the founder of Islam. Muslims fast at this time to show they can do without food for long periods of time, and also to prove they can follow the will of Allah. As well as fasting, every Muslim who can afford to is asked to donate money. This is to acknowledge the pain and needs of the poor.

Sawm also known as, fasting takes place in the month of Ramadan (9th month of the Hijri Calendar) and last approximately 29-30 days. The month of Ramadan begins at the sighting of the New Moon and completing the fast is part of the 5 pillars in Islam, under the pillar of Sawm. Muslims will give up food, water and day to day things, for example, swearing, gambling and also avoiding evil and temptation. Muslims give things up

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