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El Salvador

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El Salvador

In the play there are many experiences that are related to the church and religion. The people of El Salvador have gone through various difficult times in their lives and they turn to the church and its followers to help them. The play displays the hardship of struggle and heartbreak when Oscar Romero is assassinated. Since Romero was considered a man of the church, one would think that this play has a religious background. The church was considered a safe place away from the military and political injustice and many went their in hope that their prayers of hope and peace would be answered. For example in the play when Jesus prays for his family whom died, he wanted peace for them in their after lives. There was a point in the play when the church seemed to answer prayers , for example, when there were doubts that no one would listen, and that it was god’s will to make circumstances occur the way they did. Afterwards, something or someone always seemed to answer because Raul was released.

People of the land thought that when everything else failed, they would always have the church to turn to. The people would look into the Bible for answers to their problems. There were many plays, paintings, and dances that would depict the problems of El Salvador and what the people were going through. The ironic thing about the play is that Jesus has the name of Jesus Christ and he is a very religious man who also had given his life. There is St. Peter who at the end of the play is not very peaceful at all. Jesus deals with the unstable government and how he basically lost his entire family to it. The play reflects on Latin American people and their culture, liberation, theology, small scale agriculture, political/economical thought, and theatre as well. Many of

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