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Elite College Girls Choose to Stay Home

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Elite College Girls Choose to Stay Home

What Yale Women want, and why it is misguided by Karen Stabiner express my true feelings on an issue that is growing throughout this country. The issue of women staying home to watch after their kids instead of working is something I believe can be easily solved. Some may think that only a mother can give a child the best quality care. Care for a child can be given by a father, silbing, other members of the family members, and friends. If the mother cannot find a close relative, there are also daycare centers for working mothers.

The article also expresses the fact that having only one person working in a household is not nearly enough to survive. Unless the husband is really rich and finically secure. Even this can turn bad when at times half of marriages end in a divorce. While reading the article I came across a statement that stated that some women will wait until their child is in school for them to work. I believe the longer women wait to work the harder it will be to get a job. To others working

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