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Marshal Mathers, also known as Eminem, has been creating a stir in the musicindustry over the past few years. Many people feel affended and intimidated withhim while he uses his freedom of speech and expresses himself. His rapping andhip hop lyrics are raw, explicic and very offending to many different types ofpeople. There are many reasons for the type of music Eminem makes. There aremany reasons why his music is the way it is. Eminem, A.K.A. Slim Shady, made Many people do not understand where Slim Shady comes from. As a child, hehad no father, his mother was an alcoholic and a drug addict. Also Eminem movedback and forth from Kansas city to urban Detroit. While growing up, he was pickedon and beaten by people all the time. He would get jumped and beat by his mother.All of these instances lead to the type of music he makes today. To add to all ofthis, his closest relative and best friend, comitted suicide when Slim was in his The song I selected is off of Eminems most recent album, The MarshalMathers LP, and it is titled "The Real Slim Shady". I chose this song for manyreasons. This song mocks the mainstream artists and songs of the time.

Eminem is one of

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