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Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation

Simply stated, the job of a manager is to obtain the most efficient flow of productivity through control of the related goods and personnel under the manager’s sphere of influence. The one variable most difficult to control in this “managerial equation” is the actions of those directly influencing the manager’s effectiveness. It then becomes the goal of the manager to take the leadership role and motivate everyone to a similar goal.

Unfortunately, motivational theory and practice are difficult subjects covering multiple disciplines. An understanding of human nature, “what makes people tick”, is required to truly understand how to motivate people. By understanding the basic principles of human nature, we can develop strategies to achieve effective and productive results in motivating others.

Fortunately, a large body of work by psychologist, sociologist, behaviorist, and researchers already exists to begin at least a basic understanding of motivation. Most notably the works of Abraham Maslow, Douglas McGregor, Frederick Herzberg, Clayton Alderfer, and David

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