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Enslaved Women

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Enslaved Women

Slavery for women was much different then for men. What it feels like to be an enslaved woman and deal with the facts that not only were you cheap labor, but also the means to get cheaper labor. Women can reproduce, and to raise a baby then to have your family sold away was a fact of life. Families influenced woman's behavior, as they were "less likely to escape or join collective resistance". (Pg.229 text) Slave women did not enjoy the domestic security available to white families. Under theses circumstances there is more equality among male and female slaves than in white families. Also women's vital role in the slave community also helped to blur gender and the negative mode of sexuality.

There jobs were different and this caused them to be a lower price and value because they're more likely to be field hands than artisans. Women were also house servants their tasks were menial at best. Many white plantation owners never visited the fields were the slaves were at work and new almost nothing of their conditions. Some of the overseers who had charge of them were said to "be generally unprincipled and intempered men". (Pg. 235,text) Women could be beaten and also sexually assaulted as

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