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European Union

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European Union

European Union Paper

The European Union is a well thought out creation. Is this fiction or non fiction? Throughout these next couple of pages the pros and cons will be examined of the European Union. The European Union was created in 1992; however a similar idea was formed back in 1951. This is when Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, and Netherlands united to become the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). This allowed the countries to share their wealth of energy production to become a wealthy union.

Today the European Union has different standards and regulations but is concerned on the aspect of uniting as in 1951. The European Union has grown extensively. The thought of growing can be taken very seriously since the European Union has been picking up more members growing from six nations to twenty-five nations. The European Union also introduced in 2002 a common currency which was the Euro.

After the European Union was created Western European governments were thrilled. This is because of the plethora of business's who were searching for interests into new markets for their goods and services. New laborers immigrating to the West had received low wage jobs contributing to more business for the West.

The Western European governments were thrilled, but many of the ordinary citizens of the West were not so thrilled because they felt they were being left out. This thought occurred when the European Union let poorer countries join into the European Union. The ordinary citizens of the West sought out more aid of wealth, but with poorer countries joining their aid seemed to become smaller. The Western citizens feared poorer countries joining the European Union would force the manufacture plants to go east for cheaper labor.

There were many more reasons the Western citizen's feared expansion of the European Union including their thoughts of losing their culture and diversity. This change would include their aspects of economic, political, and social life. Also the thought of local cultures and laws would drastically change because of expansion. Many observers consider the thought of eliminating the economic and cultural divisions from the last fifty years to change into new economic and cultural divisions which will not pass its test.

Similar to the Western business the Eastern business felt strong towards the unification of the European Union. In uniting the European Union Eastern Europe surpassed the thought of a difficult life style to conduct business. However, governments of Eastern European countries wished that the members of the European Union would help the post-Soviet image resolve into a better representation.

Even though the Eastern European government felt strong they are now going to have to cut back on financial issues on their heavy industries to result in "fair competition" among the European Union. In favor of this the Eastern European governments are being forced to cut jobs and layoff with public services. Now the European Union has required that new members joining the European Union they must open themselves up to the Western European agricultural exports without delay, but only for the members first ten years. During the ten years the Western European farmers will have an advantage of unfair price over the Eastern European farmers. At this time it has resulted as the plans desire to force the small Eastern European farmers out of business.

There are benefits lost, but there are also benefits gained as in the European Union being the world's largest trading block with twenty-five nations and over five hundred million citizens. The potential of the European Union has economic growth in many new Member States, while fundamental rights and basic freedoms will be influenced as a guarantee. The biggest benefit of the European Union yet is the peace and the security spread out through the content of Europe in the European Union. Eastern Europe has a smaller benefit brewing as the democracies stabilize into shape and high standard rates are in growth.

The French unions still fear that a deal would and could influence the loss of many jobs. This is if productions were to relocate to Eastern Europe. The Western trade unions will just have to face the facts and realize that labor in Eastern Europe is cheaper than labor in Western Europe. The cheaper markets will continue going east beyond the European Union into countries such as Romania, Ukraine,

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