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Problem Statement

My topic is the evolution of football. Through the times of the first ever football game ever played to the games that are played now in the present day, football has evolved tremendously. Just take a look at one phase of the game, the players. Starting out the first player to get paid got five hundred dollars, now the league minimum is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That is a huge difference. The game has been around for a little over a hundred years so to see how much it has changed is exciting to me. Like anything else it did not start out very popular and was actually derived from the game of rugby. In 1880, Walter Chauncey Camp of Yale revised the game of rugby. The numbers of players were reduced from fifteen to eleven, and the scrimmage was dropped in favor of the scrimmage. Despite changes in the rules, the game was rough and dangerous. In 1905 there were eighteen deaths in American football games throughout the United States. So that's why we wear pads now. Overall anybody who likes football or even if you do not like it there are a lot of interesting facts and its kind of ironic of how you can see the world in

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football. That's what I mean by the evolution of football not just changes of the rules or players, but how the people act that are

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