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The schooling system which runs the students' everyday lives is one of strict policy. There should be a bit more leeway in the way the teachers teach and the way students learn. Each individual's mind works in its own way; no two minds think exactly alike. So the golden question is why teach every mind in the same manner? Some people learn slower than others, while others pick up things before they are fully taught, there is no real way to increase your learning speed, there is only a way to increase the capacity of what you have learned. It is possible to learn an endless amount of information, but instead of working at a students pace, the schooling system forces students to learn at a certain speed, and if that speed is not reached, the student suffers. The suffering might just be for that one assignment, but for others, the suffering lasts throughout high school and eventually influences your life career. Colleges accept well rounded, hard-working students. There are a lot of students who work hard, but just cannot achieve the goal that the school sets. To penalize the student even more, they are put in a lower class, such as the CP2 level. They say it is better for all of the students because the students with slower minds have a separate curriculum and work at different speeds. Although the students might learn a bit more than they would have learned in a CP1 class, the colleges notice that they were not in any high level academic courses due to the speed in which they learn. This is a major factor in why community colleges have overwhelming populations. It could be true that if a student is put in a class with people who learn at a faster pace than them and who know more than them, that student gets discouraged, and therefore does not try as hard. There are plenty of students who barely try in school, but due to there learning speed, learn and know everything that is being taught. To have those kids go to the same college as the students who do try really hard to achieve knowledge is preposterous. They should give every student an equal opportunity to get into high level colleges due to there working

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