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Expectations for Discussion Board Postings

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Expectations for Discussion Board Postings

Expectations for Discussion Board Postings:

For online classes, the discussion boards take the place of the face to face interaction that you get with your instructor and peers in a traditional classroom environment. This is a great opportunity to interact with your classmates and learn from one another.

Each week, you must post a minimum of three high quality postings. You will find at least three available discussion topics each week. Your postings can include main response(s) to the posted topics, responses to your peers, responses to my follow-up questions, or a combination of the three. Just be sure that you have at least one "main response" to one of the posted topics (you can choose which one). Here are some general guidelines to follow:

1. Before posting a main response, read the narrative of the assignment carefully. Then write a relevant response by addressing the key points and questions stated in the narrative.

2. An effective response should be original, thoughtful, and substantive. You may include your own experiences if applicable or incorporate material from the textbook. Additionally, many of the topics will lend themselves to outside research. Just be sure that you only incorporate outside research from relevant and/or scholarly sources. You'll want to avoid using information from websites such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, AccountingCoach, etc. While these sites may periodically contain useful information, it is not always independently verified by experts in the field.

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