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Expectations of Students: College Vs. High School

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Expectations of Students: College Vs. High School

Expectations of Students: College vs. High School

The older you get the higher people’s expectations seem to become for you. Anyone can easily argue the fact that the work-load of a college student is much greater than that of a high school student, but the most profound difference in the two is the expectations that are set for the students. The expectations that college professors and high school teachers have for their students are set at two completely different levels, and it is very difficult for some students to cope with the change.

With any kind of education there comes responsibility, commitment, and consequences. Many of the expectations set for students may be the same, but the repercussions of the actions you chose to take are what differs the most. One of the most important things expected from a student is effort. When starting school, whether it is college or high school, you should be aware that you are expected to try your hardest and put in the most effort as possible. Although most people are aware of this, taking the actions necessary to fulfill such an expectation does not always happen as easily. The first, and most obvious, expectation set for any type of student is attendance. It is assumed that you will follow the attendance policy set forth for each class. This is when the differences between the college and high school lifestyles become most obvious. Even though the expectation itself is the same for both, the consequences are completely different. In high school it is mandatory to go to school every day unless there is an excused absence. Most classes in college adopt the same rule, but when you chose not to go to class in college there is no “getting in trouble.” Risks of detention, suspension, or even a phone call home do not exist when you miss classes in college. Instead, the consequences reflect in your performance. The less you come to class, the less you learn; therefore your grades could start slipping due to lack of effort, or because attendance could be counted as a grade in itself.

Another expectation set for students is that you do the work required to the best of your ability and knowledge.

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