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Facts on World War 1 and World War 2

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Facts on World War 1 and World War 2

In WW1, Germany was funding Lenin's campaign so Russia would enter a revolution and thus leave the war.

- The US entered WW1 because Germany sent a note to Mexico (that was intercepted) saying they would help Mexico get some original American land back (meaning they would declare war on the United States) if they helped Germany in WW1.

- In WW1, Germany recruited black Americans into the Mexican army. (Black Americans in that time opposed America at war, majorly.)

- In WW1, American military leaders wore French gas masks because the American designs (which the millions of soldiers had to wear) were fatally flawed in some cases.

- In WW2, Japan had a choice to develop either a nuclear weapon or a "death ray". They chose a "death ray", after they thought that a nuke would be impossible to build. (Thank goodness they chose the death ray, though, right?) It never was finished before they surrendered, and still don't have one today.

- Because they thought nukes were impossible, Japan declined to acknowledge "leaflets" (warnings dropped by plane on government areas) saying that the US had a weapon of great power, and would use it if Japan didn't surrender.

- They did, though. WW2 is the only war in history where nuclear weapons have been used.

- In WW2, Germany made the world's largest battleship and several times intercepted British supply lines to Russia.

- In WW2, in response to Germany's large battleship, Britian built a bigger one. It rarely saw combat, and in fact I think it wasn't

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