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Fast Food

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Fast Food

If you like me you probably have had more fast food than you would like to admit. Fast food is an idea that has taken the world by storm, being able to travel from home to Chicago, to Boise, to Atlanta or now even China and get the same food made you way! Some people blame fast food for America's obesity and laziness problems while others could not live a day with out a Big Mac or Whopper. Fast food was originally intended to serve working class citizens at a fair price for food when they were hungry. Today even the richest man in the world (Bill Gates) eats hamburgers from fast food restaurants.

Has fast food made Americans fat and slow? No. I believe that Americans have taken for granted how easy it is to go to McDonald's and get a meal. Before fast food if you missed lunch than you had to wait until dinner to eat, snacks were not as easily assessable so you ate less. People chose to eat fast food on their own. The blame should not be on restaurants that make fast food accessible.

The fast food market has been an economic wonder. The fast food market employs low skill people and serves high quality food at a reasonable cost. Fast food restaurants support employees but farmers, ranchers, and provide tax dollars to run the government. Much money has been made in the stock market investing in fast food, too. Fast food has always been a fairly stable investment if

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