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Fate or Choice

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Fate or Choice

Destiny is no matter of chance. It’s a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved,” quoted by William Jennings Bryan. One of the most debated questions in history is whether our lives are ruled by fate or by own choice. William Shakespeare brings this question into play in his production Romeo and Juliet. Although fate does seam to be ruling over every situation, I believe that choice has more to do with this story then it’s really credited to. Even in the opening lines, this play drills into your head the inevitable outcome of the two lover’s deaths. When the chorus uses the phrase Star crossed lovers (I, 1,6) it clearly shows William Shakespeare’s thoughts on what killed Romeo and Juliet. This play shows that fate is in control, but I believe it was Romeo, Juliet’s, and even the Friar’s horrible choices to dragged them into that situation.

First of all, Romeo’s decisions were reckless from the beginning. When the servant asked Romeo to read the list of the invited people to the Capulet’s party, Romeo made the decision to go to that party even though he knew that the families hated each other, and he went completely knowing what might happen. Romeo also chose to continue seeing Juliet even though he knew that she was a Capulet. Fate seemed to have caused Mercutio to of been killed under Romeo’s arm by Tybalt “A curse upon both thy houses” (III,1, 101). But Romeo out of guilt chose to kill Tybalt in rage to revenge Mercutio’s death, knowing that Tybalt was his cousin. When Romeo says, “I am fortune’s fool” (III,1, 145) he tries to blame the fact that he killed Tybalt, on fortune instead of blaming himself. He says that Fortune tricked him into killing Tybalt. Romeo could have also stayed in Verona and faced the consequences of his actions instead of fleeing to Mantua. Lastly, when Romeo found out of “Juliet’s death” if he would of took some time to pray, or even thought of what he was going to do before resorting to suicide, he would have been in the tomb on time for the Friar to arrive and explain everything. I would have strongly suggested to Romeo to slow everything sown. If he would have taken some time just to stop and reflect many terrible things wouldn’t of happened.

Likewise Juliet also made some irrational decisions. It was fate when Juliet was outside thinking on her balcony, and Romeo happened to be strolling outside also. One example of her irrational decisions was when Romeo was wooing her, she could have resisted, but she didn’t. And on the balcony scene, Juliet constantly questioned his love for her, and rushed him into marriage, by saying things like, “If thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow,” (II, ii, 143& 144). And when Romeo sends for her to marry him, she didn’t have to shown up, yet she chose to. Later on, when she was engaged to Paris she could have been honest with her parents and told them about Romeo. They might not have liked it, but at least then, her and Romeo would be alive. Juliet could have also of made the choice of going to live with Romeo instead of drinking the potion the Friar gave her, but she didn’t. Lastly, Juliet kills herself over what

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