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Federal Reserve and the American Economy

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Federal Reserve and the American Economy

Federal Reserve and the American Economy

This paper will focus on the Federal Reserve and the American economy. The American economy is not doing well at all compared it successes in the past. Tuesday, January twenty ninth the Dow Jones industrial average fall to almost 600 points. (Gross, Daniel. The U.S. Economy Faces the Guillotine, Newsweek). The United States economy has entered a time of economic trouble. People are losing there jobs. The prices of products continue to rise, while the American dollar continues to lose its value. There is a suspicion that America is quickly heading for a recession and we are taking the global economy with us.

It is to be expected that an economy will rise and fall. To protect it from falling to far the government created the Federal Reserve System. According to, “The Federal Reserve System's main responsibility is to safeguard the proper functioning of our money system.” This paper will discuss the role of the Federal Reserve, the goals and tools of the Federal Reserve. It will also discuss monetary policy and fiscal policy, how they work, why they are used, the difference between the two, and the appropriate time to use each one.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 created the Federal Reserve System. ( This was done to separate American government Central Banking System. The Federal Reserve has the job of handling America’s money. They can destroy or create money. They also can set interest rate on borrowed money. The Fed has two ways of stabilizing the economy, monetary policy and fiscal policy. (

Monetary policy creates “Programs that try to increase or decrease the nation’s level of business by regulating the supply of money and credit.” (

If you have an old baseball card in mint condition, which everybody wants? It is worth a lot more than a common card that anybody can buy for a reasonable price. The harder it is to get something the more it is worth. Money is almost exactly like that. If you have too much out there and a lot is being spent, that can be bad for the economy, because it will decrease in value. According to, “Monetary policy is generally referred to as either being an expansionary policy, or a contraction policy, where an expansionary policy increases the total supply of money in the economy, and a contractionary policy decreases the

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