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Film Analysis of the Movie

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Film Analysis of the Movie

The movie begins with the screen displaying the words of Isaiah 53:5 which reads “He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” I think the director is giving us a introduction of the movie. A close-up shot of the full moon appears and then a long shot showing us the entire sky. The camera moves down and we feel that we are walking cross the garden and appear Jesus praying in a garden to the subjective viewpoint of the camera. It is probably the best scene in the entire movie as we see Jesus wrestling with what He knows is coming. We can hear a musical motif of suspense. Jesus ceases praying and disappears of the screen then we feel that we are walking next to Jesus with a cinema veritee camera movement until see the back of Jesus to the objective viewpoint of the camera, he goes to check on his disciples. Three of them are under a tree sleeping; we can see a very short close-up shot of Jesus worried. Jesus call Pedro and he wake up and they maintain a short conversation. He walks cross the garden alone and we can see the differential focus of the Jesus, out the focus is the garden. I think that Jesus look dirty, tired and scared. The camera focuses two of his disciples showing a worried face in a two-shot camera view point maintaining a conversation. The scene is dissolve and change, we see a serious of quickly shots: a close-up shot of the king; a long shot of various persons looking to Judas, we see the back of him; the camera pans across the actors and we see a long shot of Judas and the all other persons in the screen; a close-up of Judas appear and then they maintain a conversation when Judas accept a money of bag for say where is Jesus, the king throw away the bag of money and we see a long-shot of Judas in his knees picking up the coins. This scenes remember me a paints that I studied in class of the last supper in which Judas appear with a money bag in his hands. The scene change and now we see the three disciples walking for the garden watching Jesus who appear in a long-shot in his knees looking to the sky. I really like this shot with the lights on Jesus. Two of his disciples appear in a two-shot camera viewpoint looking each other confused. The camera does a close-up of Jesus praying to god dramatically; in rack focus appear a person in with black clothes talking to Jesus, he pray to god and then the camera does a close-up of women near a Jesus. I think this woman is Satan and I am not agree that they represent Satan with a women. She tempts Him and tries to convince Him that no one can bear the wrath of God poured out against sin. She tries to tell Him that His sacrifice will be a waste and He will not succeed. Jesus calls upon His Father, refusing to believe the devil. He falls on His face praying and as He does so a serpent crawls from Satan. The camera does a close-up of Satan asking to Jesus who is his father then it move down and appear a close-up of a snake going to Jesus, after seeing this snake, stands up and crushes it under His foot. The camera focuses now all the garden and we can see people with torch walking to Jesus and his disciples. The camera move across the persons walking and then it does a long-shot of all those persons stopping in front of Jesus; it does a close-up too of a warrior with a torch and a close-up of Judas trying to escape. Jesus and Judas establishing a conversation in which the camera change of position each time that one of them talk and we feel like we are the person thanks to the subjective viewpoint of the camera.

Jesus is arrested by a small detachment of soldiers and led towards the city to face the Sanhedrin while his disciples flee. There is an excessive use of slow-motion in these scenes, especially when Peter slices off one of the soldier’s ears. We can see a close-up of the soldier without his ear bleeding.

As Jesus is arrested and brought into the city we see Mary wake up with a close-up of her, While Mary is sharing her fears with Mary Magdalene the camera makes a close-up of her too; John bursts in and tells the women that Jesus has been arrested, the camera does a quickly close-up of him.

As Jesus is dragged through the city He is struck and pushed by the crowd with a deep focus in every part . At one point He is thrown from a bridge, and suspended from chains just above the ground He sees Judas cowering beneath. They make brief eye contact and as Jesus

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