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Finding and Keeping the Best

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Finding and Keeping the Best

Wanting to give to and get back the best in your employee's.

Allyis Inc is proud to say that there long term dedication to their employees and clients is working well for them. Allyis has retained more than 95 percent of their staff in the past three years. They show in this article the 3 ways the ensure that employees want to stay working for them and for them to be satisfied. These three ways are through there core values, listening to their employees, and having a connection with the community.

In terms with core values Allyis says their values are pretty simple. “Base everything in your company culture on demonstrating that you value long-term relationships with both employees and clients”. Allyis believes this is accomplished by focusing on the everyday relationships and nurturing them which in turn leads to a long-term relationship. They also talk about a important part of their mission statement which is a commitment to employees and they foster this by helping each employees grow within the organization internally. They also promote their employees from within the company instead of turning outside the organization to find the qualified employees.

Communication and listening play a large role in keeping their employees. They try to create trust with each other and open communication. They do this by involving the employees in future planning and encouraging feedback. They are administered several surveys on satisfaction and follow up with another survey to view satisfaction. The surveys are geared toward the employee's overall satisfaction and to see what can be improved upon. Allyis also has every employee work with a mentor to help guide them along to teach them new things and help them become developed in areas needed. Each mentor is close to the employee and knows their strengths and weaknesses.

Allyis tries to establish a sense of community within the organization. They do this by giving back to the community and having a strong connection with each other at Allyis. For example an employee was taking care of his ill parents, working, and become a guardian for his teenage sister all at the same time. Others at Allyis got together and provided a weeks worth of meals for him and the family. Another example that occurred in this organization is when an employee's child had a chronic disease and was omitted into the hospital for a long period of time. Many employee's made a large basket and filled it with goodies to help the child get through the hospital stay.

This company is really encouraging to me in seeing how they want to have a strong sense of community within the organization towards one another. I don't think many company's that have 154 employees pull together like this one and help each other out outside of work. I think their three strategies on keeping their employees employed and satisfied: strong core values, listening and communication, and strong sense of community would keep me completely satisfied and I think more and more organizations need to take this approach. It is kind of like having a family at work. Being able to voice your opinion, participate in planning, creating trust, encouraging feedback, and caring about one another.

This article relates to organizational behavior in several ways. The first being human skills. Human skills are the ability to work with, understand, and motivate other people, both individually and in groups(Judge,7). At Allyis people are trying to work with each other by listening to each other and also how they encourage each other to provide feedback is for a level of understanding their opinions on issues and tasks.

Another way that Allyis relates to organizational behavior is through OCB, Organizational Citizenship Behavior. This is the discretionary behavior that is not part of an employee's formal

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