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Fixing Rust on a Car Door

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Fixing Rust on a Car Door

Hello. My name is. I was born in on . I lived there for three years. After that I moved to Virginia but went to preschool in. After middle school I started looking at high schools. When I found out about Bucks County Technical High School I knew it was the right school. I chose Bucks County Technical High School because it has a lot to offer to me as a student. The reason I took collision as my field is because I love the look of vehicles. They interest

me a lot. I also love fixing the look of a car than the performance.

For my senior project I chose to perform a corrosion repair on a body panel. In doing this I will show what causes corrosion and ways to prevent it. I will also show how to fix the area in contamination and return it back to its stock looking form.

While working in a body shop a technician will use many tools even for just basic things. This job that I did for my senior project was no different. The tools I used for my project are as follows. A rachet a common type of socket drive handle with a small lever that can be moved for either tightening bolts and nuts or also for loosening them. A grinder hand and table both are used in the same way. A grinder is used for fast removal of material. They are often use to smooth metal joints after welding and to remove paint. A sanding block is a soft mounting surface for sandpaper this can be used in either wet or dry sanding. Metal cutters are a scissor type tool used to cut and shape metal. A tape measure is a tool used to make measurements. A straight edge is a 90 degree angle used to make lines. A MIG welder is a type of welder that is wire feed and is most common in a body shop. And finally a radiac wheel this is an air feed tool that uses a sharp wheel to cut metal. These are the types of tools used to help me finish my senior project.

The project I chose to perform my senior project on you can go to any body shop and see this performed first hand. This type of panel repair is very common. To state the process of how I performed this repair I first had to get the panel I was going to use. I chose a passenger side front fender off a Ford Taurus wagon. To get this piece off I used a rachet with a ten millimeter socket to get the five bolts off of the top of the fender. Secondly I got a phillips head screwdriver and took off the side skirt to reach the two bolts underneath. Third I took out the front light to get the two bolts behind it. To do this I grabbed the rachet with the ten millimeter socket again and took off the two bolts and pulled the lights out. Forth in this process I removed the screws holding in the fender then I pulled the fender off the body. The fifth step in the process had me look for visual rust on the fender which their was on the back side where the wheel would be. So in the sixth step of the process I got a hand grinder with 36 grit sandpaper and removed the paint on both sides of the fender. For the seventh step I grabbed green masking tape and made a lay out of the area that I wanted to repair. I did this so when I cut out the rusted part I wouldn’t damage the other part of the fender. For the eighth step I got the radiac wheel and cut out the rusted piece. The ninth phase of the process I used the damaged part to use as a rough look to make a new piece that would fit the now empty space. For the tenth part of this process I had to make a template to use for the new part. The eleventh part had me using the metal cutter to cut out the template I had made on a piece of metal. For the twelvth part of the process I went to the table grinder and smoothed out the edges so they were not to scrappy looking. The thirteenth part had me making the bends so the part would match up to the fender I used a heavy duty metal bender for this part. For the fourteenth part I got the MIG welder and welded the newly made piece with the fender. Once this was done I let the fender cool and put back the MIG welder. The fifteenth part I had gotten the grinder that I had used to remove the paint and used it this time to grind down the

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