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The movie Flubber was about a “crazy” chemist who had many inventions, some by the way I would like to have. But the main invention was a rubber “thing” that he named Flubber. There were a few scientific terms that he noted during the movie when inventing Flubber which I will describe below. The words in bold are the scientific terms that were noted in the movie.

The first term that I noted during the movie was Conductive Polymers. Conductive polymers are almost always organic meaning a large class of chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon. These polymers have extended delocalized bonds which are bonds found in a molecule that do not belong to a single atom or covalent bond. They are conjugated systems of double bonds and in a aromatic systems. The conjugated systems are atoms covalently bonded with alternating single and double bonds. When the electrons are removed or added into the valence bands the electrical conductivity increases. The conductive polymer has a low conductivity until the electron is removed from the valence band called (p-doping) or (n-doping) until it becomes more conductive. The movement of the charges is what is responsible for electrical conductivity. These polymers are plastic which are organic polymers and with mechanical properties such as flexibility and elasticity.

Organic catalyst is another term that was noted in the movie which is used to speed up the reaction; this may have been used with the breaking down the double bonds of the polymer molecules and bond together. Radical reactions control many processes such as the formation of polymers and explosions. Elastomer was used to describe Flubber which is another word for rubber. Isotope is described

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