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Four Day Week Plan for Students

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Four Day Week Plan for Students

the four-day a week program would be very good for any school. its less time to go to school so that students don't hate school anymore than they already do. we will only have to go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so then we have the rest of the week off till the next Monday. the four-day-week-plan is a good program to follow because it will give the students a weekend to go have fun and will cause less truancy problems plus it will give the teachers more time to grade papers.

the students need a break from school. they get up everyday really early and get ready for school then come home and do homework and go to bed early so they have enough energy for school. they try hard and barley gets and credit for it but maybe good grades if they did the homework right. we don't get credit for trying to do it. they deserve a weekend to hang out with friends and family, so they can stay up all night for once all week and do whatever they want to do.

there won't be a lot of truancy anymore because they know that all they have to do is make it through the week and then there's the weekend in no time. they would go because it can get bored skipping school and there's no one there to hang out with because all your friends are at school. they would think that there's only four days of school that you have to go to and that students would rather

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