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Though the monster's moral ambiguity obviously supports the overall theme of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the internal conflict of Victor Frankenstein seems less noted. Victor is perhaps the protagonist of the novel, he is antagonized by his creation and the destruction left in its wake. Victor struggles with his moral conscience when his creation proposes that he create a mate for him. The monster swears that once he has a mate he won't again commit murder, for murder is a result of his loneliness.

Although the monster has been the source of despair in Frankenstein's life, he decides to create for him a mate. While working on a mate for the monster, Victor ponders the idea of two monsters in the world. He imagines them having children and creating a race of devils. The monster appears and he decides to destroy the mate. After this the monster wreaks more havoc for Frankenstein, killing his best friend and wife. Frankenstein

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