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Gand Awarness

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Gand Awarness

Gang Awareness

Gang awareness has recently become important in schools and the community. As a teacher I learned quite a bit from the Fairfax County police officer that came to speak with us on gang awareness. There were many things that I did not know before this presentation. I certainly had not realized how gangs were migrating and actually leaving the bigger cities and coming into the suburbs. It seems that Fairfax County has a handle on the gang problem and deals with it head on. Since I will not be teaching in Fairfax County I find it disappointing that wherever I do end up may not have the task force or even the police personnel to deal with gangs. For that reason I am certainly glad that I had the chance to watch this presentation.

I had never thought of there being a "gang mentality." I thought that children were just recruited and believed most of the things I saw in movies or on TV. Now I realize that being in a gang is a choice for the youngsters that take part. As a teacher I will be able to keep an eye out for the "gang mentality" entering my classroom. Currently it seems as if gangs see schools as common ground and will not start any fights with a rival gang, but still the thought of some of my students being involved in a gang is just foreign. I feel better informed and educated on how to deal with any gangs that do enter the school. Even if I am not teaching in Fairfax County I know that I should be able to contact the local police department and be able to find someone that I can talk about possible gang issues with.

In most places I have lived people usually relocate because they are in the military; it seems some parents are relocating their children to get them away from gangs. What the parents may not understand is that their child might start up a gang in their new area. As a teacher I can keep an eye out for these students that are new to the area. I had never realized the attraction a gang can have to a child. In Fairfax County alone, children are interested in gangs because of the status they might gain, girls or boys they might attract, having a sense of family and possibly the

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