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Gay Marriages

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Gay Marriages

Identify the specific issue

The reasoning against gay marriages does not make sense. Legalizing gay marriages is the only logical choice when considering this issue. Homosexuals have nontraditional partners, but that does not mean that they love one another any less than heterosexual couples do.

The widespread failure and dissolution of marriages appears to give rise to a paradox in the dispute about same-sex marriage: why would anybody want to be included in the practice of marriage that seems to mean less than it ever has? However, there are many arguments both for and against the legalization and/or acknowledgement of same-sex marriage. On the one hand, should anybody oppose this inclusion on the grounds that the current heterosexual conception of marriage is crucial for the well-being of society, especially considering the state of society as it is today? More than half of all marriages end in divorce. On the other hand, even a casual observation of nature, not just of humans, reveals the vital distinctions between male and female and the need that each has for the other.

Homosexuality has been a part of public consciousness in the United States for more than the past hundred years. Only recently has homosexuality been widely accepted as something other than a psychological disorder, but rather a trait (whether genetically or environmentally

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