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Gen 480: Past, Present and Future Paper

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Gen 480: Past, Present and Future Paper

I am the fourth of eight children born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson. I was raised in New

Orleans, La. At an early age I developed a love to care for animals and my parents

expectations of me was to one day become Dr. Jamie Johnson, Veterinarian. Growing up

my parents always emphasized the church and education on the entire Johnson clan.

Being raised in a Christian environment and focusing on the positives of life especially

education, gave us a sense of morals and ethics. I guess from their experiences they felt

that with God and an education we would not go wrong.

I am a product of the public school system in New Orleans, Louisiana. While attending

elementary, junior high, and senior high public school in New Orleans I did learn how to

speak the Spanish language and I graduated with honors. However, my plans to further

my education and become a veterinary was like I said my parents’ plans for my life not

mine. I wanted to become a Cosmetologist and have my own beauty salon. Immediately

after high school, I talked my parents into letting me attend Beauty School with a promise

that I would attend college and receive my degree, and the allowed me to go to beauty


In the year 1984, I am 18 and the proud owner (with the help of my parents and god

parents) of one the finest salons in the city of New Orleans. The name of my salon was,

“ The Masters’ Touch”. Well, first of all, because I am a Christian and hearing all my

life, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths”; I knew I wanted to

give God the glory even down to the name of my salon. So that is how the name of my

salon came about.

My family and friends were very supportive of my business and they are a big make up

of my clients. Not only was my family a big makeup of my clients, but also the First

Ladies of the churches and what is considered to be the “very important people” for the

school board. In their presence I would feel inadequate and incompetent because these

people was saying words that I can no longer remember the meaning of and I found

myself going home at night and looking the words up in the dictionary. I realize that

even though my business was very successful I had a need to in my life and this need was

to further my education. I sometimes evaluate my circumstances on a want or a need

basis and this for certain was the biggest need in my life. After seriously analyzing my

situation I realized I had not been on a vacation in five years. I had worked numerous

hours and I did not have a life other than being a shop owner. I knew nothing about

paying my own taxes, or how to keep an inventory count other than a few boxes. I had to

visit my godfather (who was the Dean of Business Studies at Delgado Community

College) every time I had an accounting issue or a business decision and I decided to set

a new goal for myself and start a new career. About 1990, I start to seriously reflect on

my life. I had graduated with honors from high school but something was missing. I was

beginning to understand why my parents pushed us so hard to further our education. I

felt incompetent

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