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Giant Hypennarket Analysis - Analisis Dan Penyusunan Strategi Pemasaran Hypermarket

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Giant Hypennarket Analysis - Analisis Dan Penyusunan Strategi Pemasaran Hypermarket

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Giant Hypennarket is one of main player in consumer good retailing industry in Indonesia.

Changing environtment and increasing competition pressure have put the finn in a need of marketing

strategy adjustment in order to retain the existing and to gain new market segments. This study

presented steps taken in developming a new marketing strategy plan based on study of consume(s

preference and enterprise perfonnace analysiS. A new marketing mix, has been developed based on

consumer preference and enterprise perfonnance studies. The study has been focused on sea food

and fish products of the retailer. Objectives of the studies are to Identify dominant marketing

variables of the finn that best meet consumer preferences and to fonnulate new or adjusted

marketing mix that best fits the business environment and Challenges.

The development of new marketing mix began by conducting consumer preference study in

which consumers are requested to expresses their impression and evaluation on existing Giant

marketing strategy. In the same manner, intemal officers of Giant hypennarket having direct

responsibility in marketing have been asked to give their self evaluation on their own marketing

strategy. In both studies, elements of Giant marketing mix, the so called 7 P's, were. evaluated.

Empirical data has been drawn by using survey and interview techniques. Sample respondents

representing consumers have been selected by applying purposive sampling methods.

Questionnaires were developed to catch consumer preferences, consumer evaluation and

suggestions on the existing marketing mix. The data has then been analyzed by applying descriptive

statistics methods. Seven marketing variables of Giant Hypennarket being analyzed are product mix,

price mix, place mix, promotion mix, process mix, people mix and physical evidence. These

variables have been evaluated by both intemal management and consumers. New marketing mix is

then developed based ~n the outcome of the analysiS.

It is indicated that Giant Hypermarket has applied the 7 Ps of the marketing mix adequately

consistent. Four of the seven variables (product, price, promotion, people, and physical evidence)

have been deemed appropriate, while the others have been deemed good. However, one element of

promotion mix, namely public relation have been deemed poor by consumes. Evaluation by intemal

management of the firm has put marketing variables to be significant factors for the success of the


The analysis has revealed that two marketing variables, product mix and promotin mix are

relatively more important than the others; Cosequently, these variables need to be put in priority in

the finn marketing program. .

It is recommended, that (1) as a part product mix, the firm to put more care in sorting

process to ensure quality, to intensify physical check up on the products, to use appropriate packing

materials and to make up packing design. (2) In promotion mix, Giant Hypennarket is suggested to

keep using and diversify the existing media to increase publication. In particular, the firm is

suggested to increase the frequencies of sales promotion and public relation.


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