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Gothic Terms Discussed

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Gothic Terms Discussed


Due in typewritten form.

Terms. Give a brief definition of ten (10) of the following terms. You must include works of art discussed in class only. *

1. string course - A projecting band or molding set horizontally in a wall. The string course at Chartres cathedral is one of the most elaborate.

2. chevet - French term for the east end of a church.

3. trumeau -

4. narthex - Western compartment of church.

5. transverse arch - An arch which runs across the vault from side to side, dividing the bays and providing support for the vault.

6. pseudo-lantern - A lantern is the crowning element of a dome, usually circular or polygonal, admitting light to the interior of the building. A pseudo lantern was a fake lantern - it added the look and height of a lantern, but did not admit lit. The cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris, France, is home to a giant pseudo-lantern.

7. respond - False clustered piers, or colonettes. Bonded into a wall to make the church appear more elaborate. Responds can be seen at Laon cathedral.

8. Ile

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