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Government Vs Mary Jane

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Government Vs Mary Jane

Government Vs Mary Jane

Marijuana is a major topic these days. Many people want to make sure that marijuana stays illegal. Yet, they do not understand the positive influence it could have on our society. The use and distribution of marijuana should be made legal. Marijuana should be legalized for many reasons, some of which include the fact that the use of marijuana is safer than cigarettes and alcohol, the crime rate would be lower, and the economy could benefit from marketing it.

Marijuana use is less harmful and risky than the use of alcohol, tobacco, and many nonprescription drugs. It is the safest (currently) illegal drug. Marijuana is much less addictive than tobacco or alcohol.

Legalization of marijuana would cut down on crime. Because marijuana is illegal, it is difficult to manufacture, and is expensive, so addicts often have to turn to crime to sustain their habit. Legalization would drive the price down and alleviate this problem. Currently, much of the crime that goes on is a result of territory disputes between dealers. Legalization of marijuana would hurt organized crime as a whole. If marijuana were legal, the entire infrastructure of organized crime involved in its manufacturing

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