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Graduation Ball 2016

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Graduation Ball 2016

[pic 1]

Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration

Project Report

”Graduation Ball 2016”

Group Assignment for the course Project Management

Prepared by students:

Santa Ozolina

Lasma Saimena

Diana Samarska

Marija Maijere

Koba Javakhadze

Riga, 2014


Project definition        

1.1. Project Mission        

1.2. Project objectives        

1.3 Stakeholder management        

Performance Measurement and Management of Quality        

CSF 1. Satisfaction of participants is high        

CSF 2. Schedule is met & project progressing according to plan        

CSF 3. Cost does not exceed budget        

CSF 4. Quality of the event is high        

Planning and Scheduling        

3. 1. Schedule of Meetings (Milestones)        

3.2. Critical Path Diagram        

3.3. Work breakdown structure (the Gantt Chart)        

Constraints and Risks        

4.1.Identifying constraints and Risks        

4.1.1.SWOT analysis        

4.1.2.Risk analysis        

Project team responsibilities        

Cost forecasting        



Project Handover and Future Considerations        

Project definition

1.1. Project Mission

Project mission is to unite all graduates of RISEBA MIB programme on the day of graduation to celebrate the degree awarded.

1.2. Project objectives

Minor goals that the project will produce that add-up to the purpose

•       Improve relationships among course mates and expansion of the current friend cycle

•       Establish networking opportunities for the future

•       Create a reputation for quality event organization to stimulate future demand

Specific project outcomes

•       Photos and maybe yearbook

•       Exchange of contact details

Constraint as an objectives

•       Time – the project has specific time frame and strict deadlines.

•       Money – the budget is very limited.

•       Health and safety – procedures and regulations which must be taken into consideration, when such project is undertaken.

The project purpose is supported by improving the relationships among graduates, expanding their current friend cycle and establishing valuable networking opportunities for the future. In addition, it is a minor objective to create a positive reputation for event organization among the target audience in order to stimulate future demand for similar projects (reunion and a like). In more specific terms, the project aims at producing a set of tangible memories for the graduates from their time with their course mates at RISEBA in form of photos, yearbook, exchanged contact details etc.

Given the purpose, the project is constrained by both time and money, which also function as project objectives as it ensures demand as well as makes the event affordable and enjoyable, resulting in increased student satisfaction.

1.3 Stakeholder management

Managing stakeholders is understanding who needs what information and when or how often they need it and determining how powerful a stakeholder is and whether or not they support or oppose this project. We are looking at our shareholders from 2 aspects, one is from impact level (picture 1.) Internal stakeholders in this project are students and the project team, this group is always in center because of the direct impact on the project if they are/aren't satisfied. External stakeholders – suppliers and service providers also have impact on this project outcome so we keeping that in mind may prevent project from failing by minimizing risks by having alternative options. Rest of the stakeholders should be managed and considered according to their degree of impact during or post project.

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