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Gun Control in America

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Gun Control in America

Gun Control in America

The issue of gun control has been debated for several years. People have given many arguments towards this subject. Some of which have been that it is people’s second amendment right to own a gun, while others have argued that owning a gun is vital for their protection because of the society that we live in today. Furthermore I believe that gun laws should be strict so that they can save the lives of many Americans and law enforcement officers.

Since the assault weapons ban was repealed earlier this year I believe that it is vital for the protection of American citizens to have this act be put back into place. This would help save many lives because with newer and better weapons on the streets law enforcement agencies will have trouble cracking down on these weapons since they may have armor-piercing bullets and an assortment of other items. This is one of many solutions to the gun crises in America.

Having ID checks and screenings before purchasing a weapon should be mandatory in all 50 states, under Federal supervision. Anyone who disobeys these laws should be thrown in jail for a maximum of one to five years. Also, anyone not having the proper permits and papers for the weapon should face somewhat of the same penalty. Also, the Federal government should play a part in this by using its Federal agencies such as the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agency.

The president cannot just make these laws appear. They must go through the system of checks and balances in the Federal government. First and foremost it should be voted on by the congress and the senate. Second, every law should be the same in each state on the local and Federal level. And third, there should be an amendment added to the constitution stating these guidelines for every state.

The people will obviously have some uproar over this, especially the NRA. The NRA claims that it is a person’s constitutional right to own a firearm. But the constitution claims that a person may only own

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