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Happy Days

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Happy Days

The optimism shines through the fact that Winnie has the option of committing suicide she doesn’t and keeps sayings today will be a happy day. Winnie’s optimism is used as a way to make this play a satire. No matter what happens Winnie stays positive. Even though she says thing in a cheerful manner as you examine Winnie’s monologues most have a sense of desperation. She does all the rituals like making sure she brushes her teeth and her hair because of her intense boredom and this is another reason she barley stops talking. Also her emphasis in wanting to know if hair should be addressed as it or them gives the reader an insight into Winnie’s actual state of mind. She is so overwhelmed with the fact she cannot do anything about her situation, she tries to convince herself each day is “heavenly”. Yet she admits that time for her creeps very slowly. “there was no difference between one fraction of a second and the next” to me this shows her desperation of how mundane life has become. Her monologues although said in a cheerfully said if you really analyze what she is saying as a reading

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